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Your trusted partner in quality sweep bends and arc bend technology

The wealth of experience in the plastics industry, that has been gained since 1989, lead into the establishment and design of Pipestar in Australia in 2002. Dedicated specialists in the manufacture of long radius sweep bends and experts in the key production material – High Density Polyethylene.

Our technology and techniques have been developed and harnessed from over 25-years of knowledge and involvement in industrial plastics, expanded through extensive project diversity across a host of industries.

Pipestar Australia’s unique approach to creating arc bends combined with a rigorous fabrication process, means customers gain from our insights and proven results, delivered in the form of a superior product, specifically designed for quality. Retaining shape, integrity and improving flow characteristics thereby reducing wear and tear and ultimately ongoing maintenance.

All bends are manufactured to AS/NZS 4129 in one continuous piece from PE100 pressure pipe, in a variety of thicknesses, up to 1200mm diameter, suitable for both buttwelding and electrofusion. In common angles of 90, 60, 45 and 30 degrees with custom arcs tailored to suit your requirements.

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Still need something more? We can custom fabricate for unique applications, including double-wall, hardback, colour coded and hybrid plastic bends.

An integrated team of reliable and diligent production engineers and poly-welders, supported by efficient administration staff, ensure our well equipped and innovative factory can undertake a full scope of plastic fabrication.

We aim to establish long-term working partnerships with both international and local clients. Freighting to any location using your preferred logistics.





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Water Supply, Fire Ring Mains, Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Water Supply Lines, Waste Water Lines, Sewage Management, Irrigation Lines, Gravity, Pressure, Vacuum, Hydro Generation, Spool Fabrication, Residential and Commercial Construction.


Thermal Generating Plants, Steel Plants, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Works, Plating Shops, Fiber Optic/Electrical Conduit Systems, Non Newtonian Fluids, Flue Gas Desulphurisation, Milling, Medical and Hospitals.


Mineral and Precious Metals, Rare Earth Minerals, Coal, Gold and Copper, Slurry, Oil Refineries, Gas Distribution, Gas and Oil Recovery Systems, Tailings Lines, Refinement and Processing Lines, Supply Lines, Spools, Processing Plants and Mills.


Food Processing and Refining, Packaging Plants, Breweries, Distilleries and Soft Drinks Production, Fish and Meat Processing, Textiles and Fabric, Leather Tanning, Paper and Paper Board Mills, Grain Processing and Sugar Refineries and Milling.


About » Pipestar
About » Pipestar
About » Pipestar
About » Pipestar
About » Pipestar

Engineering Quality Sweep Bends

For superior product, reliable service, and competitive pricing look no further than Pipestar Australia – local and international manufacturers and suppliers of quality seamless sweep bend using leading edge Arcbend™ technology.

The concept of manufacturing seam-free High Density Polyethylene sweep bends originated from the mining sector. Miners the world over were looking for a product that would withstand the intense, dirty, and complex operating conditions of refinement and processing lines. Not to mention eliminating the existing, inadequate, and labour intensive methods used to manually create bends. A solution would be found in the form of a seamless HDPE / PE100 bend with a smooth, resistant interior.

This demand kick-started the advancement of single continuous piece pipe-bending technology, which now underpins the rigorous fabrication process used to form Pipestar’s very own Australian made quality sweep bends. Technology advancement combined with Pipestar Australia’s experience and knowledge in the industrial plastics industry has resulted in our bends being specifically designed for quality. Retaining shape, integrity and improving flow characteristics thereby reducing wear and tear and ultimately ongoing maintenance. SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY.

We have expanded from a suite of standard angles, including 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees to custom bends fabricated to your specifications.

Need to know about HDPE & plastics?

Find the best industrial plastic product for your job, based on critical properties such as strength, melting point and other thermal qualities. Along with resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, solvents, acids, bases, fatigue, crushing and UV radiation. Plus identify adaptability based on your specific application, such as translucent piping, colour pigments and performance improvement additives.

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